Down the Rabbit Hole!

Down the Rabbit Hole!

The lines would probably remind you of Alice in Wonderland, but to me it reminds me of my own weakness of over indulgence in social media.

It is a habit for many to visit Facebook and Twitter daily. But is it necessary? I think we have become so encumbered with the feeling of importance that we want to visit these sites often to see how many Virtual Points we have got( Nobody wins in this game, except the advertisers). Likes, and comments without any relevance bombard us daily. Time becomes an illusion as we drown in the timeline of meaningless information.

When we do snap out of it, we realise we have squandered more time than we ever intended to spend. Going down the Rabbit Hole might be good for Alice, but certainly not for us, and certainly not good for our productivity. Beware the Vortex of Distraction.      

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D. Ronald Hadrian
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