Vic’s Snake Avatars Adventure in the Great Barrier Reef- A Review

Vic’s Snake Avatars Adventure in the Great Barrier Reef

Adventure in the Great Barrier Reef is a wonderful, pleasant, beautifully illustrated book. The author is certainly gifted when it comes to writing for children. The characters are lively, and they are immediately relatable. The snake Vic is a whining green snake, but he meets a snake fairy who gives him a wand. And then he magical ends up in a reef, and there he meets a wonderful friend called Oxy, who is also an Octopus. Vic stops whining as the story progresses, and he comes to believe in friendship. In the ending however, their friendship is tested when they meet a shark. Team work saves the day. Finally Vic returns to land. The tale is about trust, friendship, and taking responsibilities. Children will certainly love the book, and they will even love the illustrations. They are fresh and apt. Even the narration is written in such a way that it could be read out aloud for children during bedtime. Verdict is that Sujatha Lalgudi is a wonderful writer, and if you haven’t read her stories for your children, you are missing a lot, and your children are missing much more.


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