Unlock the Real Power of Ideation (Review)

Unlock the Real Power of Ideation by R. Sridhar (Review)

Ideas have the power to change the world. But generating an idea that works is not always easy. Mr. R. Sridhar book “Unlock the Real Power of Ideation” gives come valuable, practical tips on generating ideas.

The book is written in a dialogue format. His client is an eccentric businessman named VJ who throws certain questions to RS and he tries to answer them.

The book explains 7 keys that are crucial for unlocking the power of ideation. Each key is explained in real time and the author convincingly tackles all the questions raised by his clients.

1st key is called: The Master Key- The first key is to define the problem so one can come up with ideas for the particular problem.

2nd key: is the Brain Key: Choosing the right people is the key for coming up with the most valuable ideas.

3rd  key: The Design Key:

This key says one must come up with as many ideas as possible( divergent) and then select one or two feasible ideas( convergent).

4th key: The Wizard Key:

There are some trademark tools that are easy to use. They are really important for the future.

5th The Smart Key:

Focus on what will be most useful. It is more like 80/20 rule.

6th key: THE MOT ( Moment of truth)

This key is all about right chooses for action.

7th key: Making things happen. This is the time to execute this into action. Action to results. The book is filled with many practical ideas as possible. It is highly recommended for creative people and business oriented folks glad to have read a book by a man who had done it.

Truly a wonderful book.Click here to get the book. 


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