The Last of Me- A.L. Hemingway( Exclusive Review)




I recently read this book and I desperately wanted to review it. It is one of those stories that is completely relatable by the reader. The story is about Emelia from her teenage life to her motherhood. The joys, mistakes, pains, and sacrifice in that journey is the skeleton of the story.  

 The story is narrated by Emelia, and just from the start we are interested in knowing her better. Her dad is quarrelling with her mother about her ex-boyfriend. This wrecks her family, and Emelia whose life was innocent and perfect, suddenly, out of the blue goes haywire. She is just stepping into adolescents and just then she comes to know her biological dad was different from her current dad. As her family has become dysfunctional she tries to find peace and solace by hanging out with her friends.

Then the story focuses on her relationships. Her boyfriends, many of them turn out be cheaters. She is severely hurt by them mentally. Her life becomes a roller-coaster, and just when she thinks she had found true love it turns out to be a big mistake. But no matter what problems she faced, she is strong enough to overcome it. (That’s what I most liked about the book, it is about hope and never giving up.)

After all her false relationships she naively hurries and marries her husband, Oliver, as she is pregnant by him. Oliver who comes from a wealthy family, is not really what Emelia hoped he would be. He is a bum, drunkard and drug addict. Emelia is crushed by financial problems and insults from Oliver’s family. She at one points completely gives up as another daughter is born but Oliver is still the same. He tortures her day by day, and his addictions take him down. Emelia looks after him though he treats her badly—Emelia finds out Oliver had Bi-polar one, and from that time she takes care of him even more. But Oliver becomes a big threat to her and children. She finally decides to divorce him, but even after the divorce Oliver causes many problems.

By the end of the novel we come to identify with Emelia’s life. The struggles she crosses to become a success in life. The narrative is lucid, clear and keeps the reader wanting for more. The novel ends leaving readers eager to know more about Emelia’s future.  

          The Last of Me will surely be a great read for this Christmas and New Year. Get your copy now.  

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