Success Leaves Clues!

No matter what you plan to do or dream to do someone has already done it. So what should you do, you must plan learn from them and as Anthony Robbins says, “success leaves clues.” You can learn all the things from books, manuals, audio and video programs.

1)      Who’s already done what you want to do?

This is the question you want to keep asking yourself if you want to reach greater heights. If you want to become a millionaire read about millionaires and the books by them. If you want to learn about relationship, please read books about relationship.

For almost anything you want to do you can read about it, or get information from the internet.

2)      Why people Don’t Seek out clues.(surely, success leaves clues)

First, they might not know this. They might have never got the idea about asking others for help.

–          They are afraid of asking for help

–          They are not used to the idea

3)      Seek out clues

-Seek out a teacher to help you out

-Read books about the things you want to achieve

-Ask someone if you can follow them for some time to learn their skills.

Certainly success leaves clues.

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D. Ronald Hadrian
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