How to stay Motivated


motivationStaying motivated is not an easy task. It requires persistence and dedication. Zig Ziglar says it well, when he says that motivation doesn’t last, but neither does bathing. It needs continuous effort. Here are certain tips on staying motivated.


All the top performers use this technique to get what they desire. So to be motivated visualize vividly that you are motivated. Visualize every detail. The way you walk, talk, and act in certain situations. Motivation must be designed too.  

Break it down

Another huge put down many people face is when they confront a complex mammoth task. The best way to go about it is to really break down the work one does. Any complex tasks if they are made into small do-able tasks then it can be achieved. And research shows that every time a task is completed the vitality and motivation to do the other tasks increases.

Get Help

Everything cannot be done by an individual. Having others as mentors or accountability partner helps in a great way. It is also true from research that a written goal, and a shared goal is most likely to come true than a secret goal. So this is a great way to stay motivated.

Find good reasons

Reason is always first, and then comes the result. If the reason to succeed is strong then the desire to succeed will also be strong. So make a list of the things that are worthwhile to pursue. If the reason to achieve a certain goal is strong enough then motivation should not be a problem. People are remarkable, and if their reasons are strong enough they will certainly do remarkable stuff.

Reward yourself

Being motivated is a different game altogether. To finish a task one must be motivated, but sometimes without encouragement, and support it is very difficult to achieve. The only way to overcome such a problem is to reward yourself.  Go get pizza for yourself. Or do something you really love. Go out for a movie, or buy your favorite ice cream. The point is to reward yourself to stay motivated.


Momentum is a wonderful state or simply some people call it the flow. Everything works, your job, your relationships, money, everything seems to work out fine. Even if problems occur, one in the state of flow is likely to solve it easily. To create a motivated momentum is a difficult thing at first, but once begun it is also difficult to stop. The best way to start momentum is to keep small promises or to reach small goals. Then do everything with a sense of urgency.

Stay motivated, Stay strong!

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