Become a Published Author(without writing a word!)

So, you have amazing ideas floating in your head, but just don’t know how to get the words onto a paper!

Fret not my friend

You can get a professional Ghostwriter to write your magnum opus for an affordable price!

Life is short!

So get your story out to the world.

Who am I and how can I help you?

Hi, I am Ronald Hadrian. I have been writing for about eight years, and I have totally written six novels, and three of my novels have been published. I was shortlisted for a literary award as well. And I have ghostwritten three novels.

Besides these, I have written:

4 Disertations

2 Doctoral Theses

And many, many blog posts.

These are my novels by the way!





Never pay cheap for ghostwriting!

There are many ghostwriting services in the internet, and freelance websites which promise to produce great quality of work for a cheap price. But the reality is, when you pay cheap rates, you are going to get cheap quality work, and not to mention the headache accompained with a error filled manuscript. On the other hand there are services which are extraordinarily good but they will cost you an arm and a leg. I believe you must get the best quality work for an affordable price.

Here’s a snapshot from the Writer’s Market book.


As you can see, the usual Market pricing for writing is quite high. I usual calculate based on the number of words. For example, I usual write a 50,000 word novel for approx 5000$ which also includes proofreading service, and book query.

You can also pay in two installments. Once in the beginning of the project, and another by the middle of the project. If you pay the entire fees upfront then an audio recording of your book worth 200$ is yours for free.

Fortunately you can get 75% off if you book now!

Writings I do–

* Children

* Literary/Contemporary

* Poetry





* Self Help

“I would recommend Ronald to anyone, great work and always would meet the deadlines. Very happy!”–Ashley Zusek( author of The Last Of Me)

“He did a marvellous research. I completed my thesis in a short time…it was exceptional”– Anita Macdonald( Research Scholar)

I take on limited number of projects a year, and I am keen on providing high quality work.I strive to deliver your book on time, including all the other complimentary offers. I value my client relationship than money. At the end of the day I want you to enjoy the work, and showcase your book to the world.

So hurry up! Limited bookings only this year!

Now, just fill out the form with you project details and email, I will send you a personalised quote. Hoping to write a great book for you soon.




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