The secret of Happiness ;-)



–        First of all there is no secret to it. You are looking for a secret and that’s the problem.

–        Happiness is something you create, something you design.

–        “Really, is that so simple.”

–        Yes it is really simple, but first and foremost decide that you want to be happy. Then be happy.

–        How to go about it:

–        Wake up, and be grateful that you are alive.

–        Visualize yourself as being happy and super awesome. ( Many people just do this for only two days… don’t be like them.)

–        Be aware of the things or people that make you unhappy. Avoid them if you are serious about happiness.

–        Appreciate others, yes it is a sure way to feel happy.

–        Sing your favorite song. This really works.

–        Don’t expect a lot, make it a point to help others without expecting. You will be surprised.

–        Forgive. Forgive yourself, and others.

–        Read a joke and tell it to others. 

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D. Ronald Hadrian
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