Rosaline I Love You

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Book title:         Rosaline I Love You, But Don’t Tell Your Dad!

Paperback:       108 pages

Publisher:      Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd

ISBN-13:        978-9381836446



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D.R. Hadrian is studying English Literature. He is the author of two novels, Hiron the Dark Blood (2008), Rosaline I Love You, But Don’t Tell Your Dad (2012) and Eve’s Tomb(2013) . He blogs about ‘Inspiration and Literature’  at, and his personal blog is  (you can get all the latest updates about his books here as well), and along with his friends, he has a small group called, Dominic Rex which encourages cancer patients to have faith and courage.


Target age/genre info

Rosaline I Love You, But Don’t Tell Your Dad is a romance comedy. The target audience are young adults, but many of the fans of the novel are adults.



Studying English Literature in India for many is useless. Only the students with percentage smaller than a squirrel’s nut opt for the course. But that is a blatant lie. Charlie leaves engineering college to purse his degree in literature. But he finds himself in a bewildering position. Questions of love, religion, kidnapping all occupy his mind. Before long he begins to dream imaginary characters and believes all his fiction books are real.

The three years he spends in the college are the most fabulous part of his life. In fact he learns life there.

Lectures, elopement, buffaloes, politicians, aliens baffle him. And he is in love with Vidhya the girl who acts as Rosaline in Romeo and Juliet. But life isn’t so easy. Many other boys love her and Charlie spends his time plotting to get rid of them. But mysteriously all the other boys leave college. Charlie meanwhile learns about his teachers and their lives. He understands life is not a bed of roses. And he also notices many social evils being accepted in society. It had become a lifestyle for the people to take bribes and waste money and time on meaningless media coverage. It seems to Charlie that people were losing their moral values and ethics.

However, on his great life adventure there are some divine interventions. His unrequited love for Vidhya is due to the fact that a cupid named Simeon loses his bow, and it was found by a devil which unfortunately shot an arrow at Charlie. Villains, jealousy and questionable Martians also play their part in his love life.  A college excursion somehow helps Vidhya to break her silence and she reveals her love for Charlie. As days pass by their love for each other grows.

Charlie’s bringing up was in a small town. He was naïve, he didn’t know about barbaric, fanatic India. He didn’t know loving another caste girl meant death.  But tables turn when a sudden accident occurs to Vidhya. It breaks the heart of Charlie. He decides to sacrifice his love for her benefit. He prays to God to spare her life. But some interesting secrets and mind-boggling love affairs sprout which eventually changes the scenario.

Charlie soon finds out his life is at stack. Vidhya’s father is a prominent politician and after coming to know about his daughters affairs he takes drastic steps to save his family’s name from ruin. But through the climax the divine beings intervene and Charlie’s life changes all over. He seems caught between reality and his childhood dreams.  Finally after three years he leaves Vidhya to study in Europe. It was a painful separation nonetheless.  He tries to forget her forever, but fate brings them to together. He gets married to Vidhya and names his daughter Rosaline.






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