3 ways to handle rejections!


Rejections are part of the game. There is no such a thing as winning without losing. Rejections will come, and we must understand they are part of the journey, and they should never be taken personally.


First we must remember, rejection is a myth. It is quite simple. What if we asked a girl for a date, and she rejected it. Does that make us a failure. Certainly not. We have lived without her, and we can certainly live after that…but it us our own self. If we let ourselves tell that we are unattractive, useless, and terribly ugly then we take those things to heart, and that is what which breaks our heart. Instead, take a rejection as a myth. It is not permanent.

2)  Some will, Some won’t, So What…..

It is a sign of maturity to understand that some will say yes, and some will say no. But does that mean we are failure. No.No.No. We are not. Rejections happen for everyone, but if you persist then someone is surely going to say yes.


This is  another powerful word besides, Ask. If we keep asking we are going to get answers. We might get a yes or a no, but when we receive a no, we got to say a word called, “next”. After every rejection tell next. Keep telling next and someone will surely say yes. This is called perseverance.




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