My Name is Red( Review)

My Name is Red is one such book that ought to be chewed and digested. Though it is a Turkish book it certainly has a universal appeal. The life and times of the Turks during the reign of Sultans is explored in the best possible way. In short this is a novel that is partly whodunit and partly historical. It deals with sex, religion, marriage, art and ambition.

There are so many narrators that it can be overwhelming to read at times, but still the novel keeps the reader intrigued. It is not often one meets a novelist who can maintain so many narrative voices without making a big blunder. The masterly writing of Orhan however sails the winds gracefully( being a Nobel prize winner this musn’t be so hard for him.)

It is a long book and sometimes readers tend to lose interest, but Orhan has this knack of switching the scenes with his new narrators. These narrators are mysteries themselves. The novel as far as literary merit is concerned it is a great achievement.

My Name is Red is a must read for World Literature Students, and for all actually, but that is unlikely. Who cares for a Turk novel? Not many would raise their hands with enthusiasm. But rest assured you will be a half historian of miniaturists by the end of the book.

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D. Ronald Hadrian
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