How to get out of Monday blues

Mondays are rather boring…I can see my students come to class with a dreadful face. They hate it and so do adults. Monday means running in the rat race again. It is a blind race to  nowhere. But Monday’s can also be the best days to set the right tone to a productive week.

Here are some of the ways to be motivated:

  • Get good sleep

This is pretty straight forward. Getting a good sleep on a Sunday night can have a great impact on the next day. This is also a healthy way of starting the day.

  • Be Positive

If you take a positive view of the day then you can certainly enjoy the day. Instead of lamenting it is a Monday, take a positive approach.

  • Dress for success

Dressing is very important to feel confident. On a Monday wear something more comfortable and which makes you look nice. This will make a positive difference in your attitude on a Monday morning.

  • Eat a healthy breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast can have a great impact. And food is the fuel that keeps your food and mind going.

  • Keep a light Schedule

Do not plan Monday’s fully. Just schedule it light, and it will be an easy transition to the new week.

  • Prioritize

Do only the most essential things on a Monday, and learn to say “no” to some things. It is impossible to do everything and please everyone all the time. Sometimes persons put unnecessary tasks on you to perform which is in no way related to your primary work and purpose.   

  • Make today a master piece

Don’t give any special preference to Monday, just treat it as any other day and try to make each and every day a master piece.

If you have any other ways of getting out of a Monday blues please share with us.

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