Four Degrees of Action

Any successful person knows about the importance of action. You can have a great plan, but if you don’ t take action then there is no point in having a great plan. But there are certain degrees of action- and a person’s success will depend on the different levels of action.

1) Do Nothing

     This is what many people do. They do nothing. Do not confuse doing nothing being idle. In fact it takes the same energy to do nothing as to do something. Fear grips them and so they do not take action. They are bored and unhappy –they are lethargic, and they give so many reasons one could fill a huge warehouse.

2) Retreat

This is the second level of action. These people have had taken action in the past. But as it didn’t work out properly they have given up on it. And they will try to take action to retreat from a goal than to move towards it. They are afraid of pain.

3) Take normal levels of action

Many people will be in this third level. This is the average person who will take enough action to get by with life. They will never put that extra effort that is needed to succeed. They love the mediocre life. But this is a dangerous zone to be. They will become complacent in some days and the earnest drive to accomplish anything in life will certainly reduce.

4) Take Massive Action

To accomplish grand success one must ultimately take massive action.  Taking massive action is the key to super success. And taking such a massive action will eventually open up many problems. But problems are good. Taking massive action is the natural state for all of us when we are children. But fear and conditioning changes everything. We start to believe all the lies about the world and success.

 So take massive action

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D. Ronald Hadrian
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