Financial Peace Planner- A Review

Now that I am going to earn a steady income I thought to check this book out. If fact I was lucky to check this book. It is certainly a wonderful book with a simple money philosophy. 

Dave knows what he is talking about. The most important principle in the book is to manage money. To save for crisis and budget the amount properly. Nevertheless, the simple principle is not to live a life of debt, but live a life free of it. 

He recommends having a budget for every month, and also to save some money-preferably three months pay as a emergency money. He is also strongly against credit cards. He advises the use of hard cold cash. 

Read this book if you are in a financial crisis.

He also talks about investing a little. He suggests investing in mutual funds rather than in stocks or bonds. It is a small book and it teaches financial lessons correctly. And also Dave believes in the principle of the tithe. 

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D. Ronald Hadrian
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