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Book title:         Eve’s Tomb

Paperback:       245 pages


ISBN-13:        978-1-63041-854-0


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D.R. Hadrian is studying English Literature. He is the author of two novels, Hiron the Dark Blood (2008), and Rosaline I Love You, But Don’t Tell Your Dad (2012). He blogs about ‘Inspiration and Literature’  at www.inspiration-literature.com, and his personal blog is www.ronaldhadrian.org  (you can get all the latest updates about his books here as well), and along with his friends, he has a small group called, Dominic Rex which encourages cancer patients to have faith and courage.


Target age/genre info

          Eve’s Tomb is a mystery /thriller. It deals with the conflict between science and religion. The target audience are young adults and adults.



Sister Dorothy is an Italian nun who is eager to visit the Pontiff in Vatican City. But before her meeting, she goes to the library of history and archaeology to meet her secret husband, Professor Derek, regarding the lost prophecy of Nostradamus. The professor already knowing the reason for Sister Dorothy’s visit hands an envelope to his son Bruce, and tells him to get out of the country. The nun is exasperated when the professor mocks her that she will never have the prophecy. She murders Derek, and continues to pursue Bruce hoping the envelope contains some valuable information.

In the interim, Vinamzi an Oxford English graduate is in India attending a conference. While he is preparing to return to London he meets Nicolas from the American Embassy. He is quickly asked to accompany him to a military jet as a situation has risen. However, he is accompanied by a nosy Indian Journalist, Yodakani. During the Flight, Nicolas explains the murder of Professor Derek and his last message which happens to be for Vinamzi. They go to Italy, but they are informed that Bruce is captured. They go to meet him and Nicolas reveals that he is a Freemason of Truth and his acquaintance with Professor Derek. He explains about their secret organisation and how they are the keepers of truth. He helps Bruce escape with Vinamzi to the Professor’s house and Yodakani stays with Nicolas.

The letter in the envelope contains secret messages and from then on, Bruce and Vinamzi embark on a historic journey. They find their first trail leading to Light. They come to find that light means Lucifer, and they are helped by William Apollo an old brethren of Masons of Truth. Meanwhile, Nicolas introduces Yodakani to André, a French computer engineer. But during this time mysteriously all the nuclear facilities and testing centres are hacked and the countdown for world destruction begins. The emergency situation forces Nicolas to travel back to America with Yodakani and André. But the flight is hijacked by André and Sister Dorothy.

In the meantime, Vinamzi and Bruce try to decrypt the clues. The crypts range from stenography to hieroglyphics. André and Sister Dorothy blackmail Vinamzi to find the clues as soon as possible. After light their trial leads them to matter –it is not protons and neutrons but rather a biblical principle and they realise they are after the ashes of St. Peter. They become conscious that they don’t have much time and the police are after them. Vinamzi in the pressure solves some of the crypts in a brainstorm. Soon they discover the next dimension is time. They soon understand there is an allegorical pattern with the Genesis of the bible and the clues they find. The next dimension is science and they find the word meant knowledge and they make the startling discovery of evolution and how wrongly it is understood. They trace the missing link between humans with the old serpent in the Garden of Eden. The mixture of the serpent’s seed with the women’s seed startles them. However, the next two dimensions pose a great challenge to them. Hell and Heaven confound them and it leads to the temple in North America. The temple is a replacement of the temple of Solomon and it is named Eve’s Tomb.

In the flight, Yodakani understands the situations and she learns André and Sister Dorothy’s plan. She with great difficulty contacts Nicolas wife who is the personal secretary of the President of United States. But before help could come for them, Nicolas escapes and takes control of the cockpit and informs the White House. Infuriated, Sister Dorothy uses Yodakani to blackmail Nicolas to open the cockpit. Nicolas fearing for Yodakani’s life opens the door and he is shot and the flight goes out of control and crashes.

Despite minor injuries Sister Dorothy, Andre and Yodakani get to the temple and soon Yodakani understands that it is a big conclave of the most powerful people on earth. The Church on the other hand is stupefied, they ponder about the nuclear facility take over. Using the takeover, a mysterious cult has gathered all the powers of the world. The cult is called Virgins and it is controlled by Rene, a filthy rich woman who believes in the prophecy that women would rule the world.

Vinamzi and Bruce arrive in the temple. They have lost William Apollo for a heart attack when they landed in the airport. Finally they discover the truth when they meet the architect who built the temple; he is none other than the great-grandson of Jean Bartholdi the famous sculpture who made the Statue of Liberty. Jean Bartholdi explains about the Masons of Truth and about Professor Derek. He is overcome with guilt to see he has helped in building a temple of destruction. He finally gives them the lost prophecy of Nostradamus and helps Vinamzi and Bruce get into the temple.

The prophecy of Nostradamus of women taking control over the world is in the verge of fulfilment. The Church is stunned at the Virgins who have taken over the nuclear facilities.  But it becomes evident even the cult is deceived when Rene is suddenly not able to stop the countdown to destruction. A Man has carefully plotted to deceive the Church and the women cult to take over the world. He poses himself as God, sitting on the throne of God, the Antichrist, and he calls himself Dr. Faustus.

The temple is a prison holding all the politicians and the wealthy men of the world. As the black mass is underway for the inauguration of a new grandmaster of the world, Vinamzi and Bruce cross many perils in the temple. They escape from a holographic child who calls herself Eve who seems to control the entire temple. But while they cross the dimension of hell they discover a clue about Dr. Faustus, the man is a doctor who has lost his daughter, and he has built the great temple as her tomb.

Bruce and Vinamzi reach the heart of the Tomb and find the last clue to stop the countdown to destruction. Yodakani and André come to the Tomb as well, and Sister Dorothy finally thinks she is deceived by the very church she serves as the Pope surrenders to Dr. Faustus.

In the final thrilling moments, Dr. Faustus reveals himself and Vinamzi is stunned to find it is William Apollo who he thought died. But ironically the man after his confession that he has betrayed the Masons of Truth dies with heart attack. Then for the terror of all, Eve takes over the temple. She goes into self-destruct mode and the only way to stop it will be to solve an advanced DNA Cryptography and Yin and Yang symbols. Vinamzi goes through the prophecy in the neck of the moment and he understands Professor Derek has written the book and not Nostradamus, and the reason for choosing Vinamzi finally becomes palpable. Furthermore, the DNA belongs to his son Bruce after calculating the binary code. Bruce DNA is checked and the countdown stops. Everyone is elated as they are hailed for saving the world.

Vinamzi is honoured and he goes back to India, but only this time with his girlfriend Yodakani.







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