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I am ardent follower of Zig Ziglar’s Philosophy. If I help other people get what they want I can have everything you want. In other words this is the Golden Philosophy.
I have read Over the Top, and I loved it. It really motivated me to change, and so I was curious to read his first book, See You at The Top, and I finally completed it.
It is basically a road map to success, any person who is new to personal development can start with this book. Though he injects many of his personal Christian beliefs, he doesn’t force it on anyone.
  • Self-Image
Zig talks a lot about self-image. Whatever we think about ourselves is vitally important according to Zig. If a person feels he is absolutely fated to ruin then he is telling a self-full filling prophecy. Zig recommends we tell to ourselves positive things, and keep ourselves from negative things. The mirror exercise is higly recommended for instant change in self-image.    
  • Relationships
Relationships is something so important for a person. Almost everyone is in a relationship, but we seldom don’t take it seriously. We squander our precious relationships and we all think relationships supposed to workout on their own. This is a fixed mindset, and even Carol Dewek talks about this in her groundbreaking work The Mindset.  
  • Goals
As mentioned many times, goals are the most important thing when we talk about success. Goals are the master key to riches. Zig tells us ways of setting goals and how we could achieve it as well.
  • Attitude
Attitude is so important, and Zig understands it more than anyone. Some notable lines are “You are what are you are and where you are because of what gone into your mind. You can change what you are and where you are changing what goes into your mind.”
“A positive attitude will have positive results because attitudes are contagious.”
  • Work
    Work is not drudgery. It must come from passion, and Zig insists how passion for work has influenced many great men in history. I am also passionate about work now-a-days. I don’t give myself time to rest, I am up and running, and that is why I am becoming more successful.


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