Bird by Bird- Anne Lamott ( review)

The book resonated with me. I loved the lucid way of writing—what really struck a chord with me was the fact all writers have the same feelings about their work.
  Writing is almost mystical to me, I suspect all the serious writers feel the same. We feel there is someone else at work, and they are using our hands to get across their points.
Anne talks about writing each day, she doesn’t make it look romantic. On the other hand she shows the raw side of it—there is nothing romantic like Hemingway says, writing is about sitting there and bleeding.
First she talks about short assignments and how they are crucial for a writer. Then she goes on to explain about the dangerous of perfectionism, character, plot and dialogues.  
She also tells about shitty first drafts, one window frame writing, and most importantly she talked about jealousy. Every writer is jealous about other writers and only in her book I saw it being mentioned.
She also tells the hard truths about publication. Some naïve writers think publication will change their lives, which is absolutely not true. In the end she also tells that writing is the ultimate reward for the writer. This is absolutely true. If you are a writer or wondering about a writer’s life, read this book. It is absolutely fantastic. Bird by Bird is a fantastic read. 

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