A new letter of Screwtape: A Review

Dear Wormwood,
You are well aware these stinking humans have gotten hold of my letters and they have published it in a nice little volume. It has been over 50 years since they published it, and they have been praising the letters for the frank exploration of Christianity in its varied hues. These vermin’s are hopeless I should say, if you don’t believe me head over to Goodreads and read the reviews for my letters. They are downright funny. Some have considerable skill to understand my true purpose of the letters and others have utterly rejected the supernatural, and this I must say is very good for us. Not believing in us is vital to our success.
Now, I also know in these fifty years you have become a professional devil, now happily spoiling all the souls by Hollywood. You are doing a good job, and I am very happy to notice that our Enemy is not to be found anywhere. But we must be so apathetic, we are most vulnerable at these times. Sure, we do have the masses, but he can choose a small group of people, more powerful and loyal than the rest of the world.
He calls them his bride. These vermin beings are the bride can you imagine it. Our enemy is a queer sort of person, but he sure is not to be underestimated. He can do remarkable things with a handful of people.
My letters in the hands of a sensible Christian vermin will be deadly. He can counter act our plans, and he can win us. I am trying to pass these letters as fiction so people won’t take it seriously.
Finally, I want to share Ronald’s review with you: He says my letters are too shallow for the true Christian who is filled with the Holy Spirit. Keep an eye on him will you, the enemy seems to like him. He can blow our cover.  
Your affectionate Uncle,

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