100 % responsiblity

The world is full of pointing fingers. Complaining, excusing, reasoning are the key words at present. Responsibility has become something of a negative word. Nobody takes 100% responsibility, the people blame the government, parents blame the children, and children blame the parents. But in the long run, we are all blaming and complaining each other.


Stephen Covey, in his 7 habits says that we are responsible for the emotions, feelings that torment us. We have a choice, we can stop the blame game or complaining and step out to achieve.


1)      You’ll feel empowered


When a person takes 100% responsibility for their actions, and emotions they feel free and empowered. Complaining and blaming weakens a person. But taking responsibility will set the person free.

2)      You will feel strong


Taking responsibility will improve the emotional muscles –for instance when a person tries to lie to his teacher, he feels ashamed. But having the courage to say that he hasn’t done the work will surely make him feel strong.


3)      Nobody can hurt the person

If you have been in a relationship for quite some time you will understand that getting hurt is part of the relationship. But one should not be governed by their emotions. By taking 100% responsibility, all the old hurt, ego vanishes.


4)       Successful life:

By taking 100% responsibility the most wonderful benefit is success. Of course success involves many other factors. But taking 100% responsibility will throw away all the lame excuse of abused childhood, colour, race, and all the other factors people often point to when asked for the reasons of their failure.

5)      Legacy


What if, Lincoln complained about his poverty and lack of education and what if Edison accepted his teachers remark that he was dumb? No, they didn’t. Despite their problems, they took 100 % responsibility and they had achieved. So take 100% responsibility this very day.

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