Every successful person has certain rituals that they practise everyday.

  • Early birdie

All the most successful people are early risers. They make it a priority and a habit to wake up early as possible. Benjamin Franklin is very famous for waking up every morning by 5 ‘o clock. Almost all of the most successful have a morning routine or rituals.


  • Goals and Visualizing

Research has shown that a person with a written goal is more likely to attain the goal. Grant Cardone a successful businessman says that he writes down his goals twice a day. He also says that writing down his goals keeps him focused on the most important priorities in his life.

Jack Canfield, the co-author of the chicken soup series also emphasis on writing down goals and also visualizing as though they are already achieved. In his book, the success principles, he shows with some illustrations that visualizing actually works.


  • Planning the night before

This is a major skill to practice for any major player. All the most successful already plan their day the previous night. By making a solid plan the night before the person jumpstart on the most important work the next morning without wondering what he should be doing the next morning. This is certainly a master skill, and with practice and discipline this will become a solid habit.


  • Personal development

Every self-help guru will obviously will urge this one ritual over and over again. This ritual is very valuable. For the simple reason that this works and it has made many people very successful. Jim Rohn, the famous business philosopher says that reading in your particular field for an hour a day can make you an expert in five years. He also says that you can go without food, but you cannot go without ideas. They nourish the soul.


  • Being Grateful

The most successful understand the power of being grateful. Without being grateful for the things one has, one really cannot be happy or enjoy life. This is a ritual practiced by almost all the most successful people. They are grateful. It is also the law of the universe that for those people who have more much will be given and to those who don’t have much everything will be take.


Try to implement these rituals for a start and then you will realize how powerful these rituals truly are in changing lives.   


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