3 Ways To Create A Sense Of Urgency


Today it is going to be a short blog post but still it will make a vital point about  having a sense of urgency.Here in InLit we believe in performing world class no matter what. If you notice really successful organisations and other successful people you can see they are in a mission and they always have a sense of urgency.
1. Make a list and then a deadline.
A deadline forces people to do the job whether they like it or not. It makes them move quickly, and so the work gets done. By having a long list you will force yourself to do the work faster.
2. Get into the flow
Flow is a wonderful state and when one is in this state, the person can accomplish many things as though they are in a dream. A flow is a state of mind that is triggered by a sense of urgency. By acting in a urgent manner a person can accomplish many things. Walk fast, talk fast and write. Quickly get on with your work.
3. Focus
Sense of urgency is a good servant but a bad master. It is not important to have a sense of urgency always. Sometimes just being bored is good.  A focused urgency on the job at hand can be effective, rather than being urgent in everything. Some times walking slowly with the loved one, and also enjoying a hot cup of coffee leisurely is superb. But when focus and urgency are mingled then a winning combination is accomplished. This is the case with writing too. Those writers who are focused and urgent about their writing get astounding amount of work done.

So try out the sense of urgency these week days. And if this article was helpful share with your friends. Have a great week a head.



    it is useful for My team Work , we will start first deadline thank you Mr . Ronald Hadrian

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